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Below you will find out in which areas we are often looking for more employees, what you should ideally bring to the table and how we can get you excited about working for MEWA. We look forward to receiving your application.

Do you have several years of industry experience and are interested in a new job at MEWA? A quick look at our job offers will show you that the spectrum of activities is extremely varied – from personnel and management to production. marketing, logistics and administration.

Useful information

Your role as a service driver

Your role as a service driver

The open road is your workplace

You are always on the move. Service drivers at MEWA enjoy the open road and undertake a variety of logistical activities. These are not limited to just transport but also include tasks in the context of customer service. Due to the personal contact made on site with our customers and the drivers’ distinctive focus on service, our drivers are, in effect, the business card of the company and are very often the first point of contact.

What are the signs of a good service driver?

  • You will be a good communicator and enjoy personal contact with customers.
  • You will have a CE class driver’s licence and, if possible, an ADR certificate.
  • You will possess a basic understanding of motor vehicle technology, e.g. when testing vehicles with regard to their roadworthiness and operational safety.
  • You will feel fit for the physical demands of a sometimes stressful logistical activity.

As a service driver, you will also have the opportunity to pursue further training and to apply for other positions within the company, such as in the area of driver training, in maintenance or also in sales departments and in customer service.

What we offer:

  • Low ’away time’ through one or two-day trips (with hotel accommodation)
  • Close-accompanied start to the job based on a comprehensive orientation and training plan
  • Collective wage
  • Holiday and Christmas payments
  • Workplace pension and capital-building benefits

Your role in customer services

Your role in customer services

You are well acquainted with excellent customer service

Not least, we owe the sustained success of MEWA to our extremely reliable customer service. Whether as part of our team, internal or external, we are always looking for employees who will make a significant contribution to satisfying our customers and thus ensure the customer’s long-term relationship with MEWA.

What are the signs of a good customer service representative?

  • Ideally you will have experience in direct customer contact.
  • You will be a good communicator and enjoy dealing with people.
  • You work will be based on a strong focus on customer service.
  • You will be confident and manage stressful situations with ease.

In the area of customer service, MEWA offers attractive promotion prospects, for example, in the form of a management role in regional customer service or in key account management. With appropriate prior experience, there is also the possibility to move to other sales positions.

What we offer

  • Close-accompanied start to the job based on a comprehensive orientation and training plan
  • Attractive employment relationship in a modern, future-oriented company with a long-term development perspective
  • Collective wages based on the intex collective agreement
  • Annual bonus as well as holiday and Christmas payments
  • Workplace pension and capital-building benefits
  • Flexitime
  • A wide range of employee benefits

Your role in sales

Your role in sales

Without sales, you have nothing!

Efficient distribution is indispensable for the sustainable success of the company. Here, our special quality standards regarding advice, product benefits and service orientation are conveyed to our customers. Here, experience pays off in every respect. If you have already successfully proven your ability to sell, then you have good prerequisites for a sales job at MEWA, for example, as part of the sales force or as a telephone sales assistant.

What are the signs of a good salesperson?

  • You will be articulate, quick-witted and have strong reasoning skills.
  • You will know how to awaken needs and overcome resistance.
  • You will be convincing through your eloquent and self-confident demeanour.
  • You will have a high degree of initiative.

If you would like to apply directly for any advertised management positions, you should meet the following requirements:

  • You will have already built and coached outbound teams for several years.
  • You will know how to motivate people to perform well.
  • You will have leadership skills which will allow you to quickly recognise the potential of your employees and consistently develop them with suitable measures.

What we offer:

  • Close-accompanied start to the job based on a comprehensive orientation and training plan
  • Excellent earning opportunities with a salary, a premium and bonus system, holiday and Christmas money and incentives
  • A sales organisation which plays in the champions league
  • A market with tremendous growth opportunities and service products that make life easier for customers in all types of industry
  • Sales concepts which have been tested in real life, guidelines and resources, all of which are taught during intensive training sessions, and all of which lead to top-level results
  • State-of-the-art home-office technology provided by us for sales assistants
  • A wide range of employee benefits

Training opportunities to take on tasks with a greater area of responsibility or to reach management positions, such as in team-, sales- or regional management

Our employee programme for the Marketing & Sales division is all about people, their opportunities, performance and appreciation. Here, all employees are part of the so-called “PaceMakersWorld” (PMW). The PaceMakers are the pacesetters at the beginning of the customer cycle, whose work is the foundation for sustainable and healthy business growth. PMW members of the “Star Club” have exceeded sales targets and are honoured at the annual kick-off event. The “Best of the Best” take part in the yearly “Star Club” trip. Anyone who distinguishes himself through many years of special achievements becomes one of the “All Stars” -– a circle that meets regularly to exchange experiences and enjoys special benefits.