This is MEWA.

MEWA is fair and like a family

We want you to love doing your job and consider MEWA as a company that suits your career needs. Here you will find jobs that offer satisfaction, stability and attractive opportunities for development. Because we’ve got big plans. As one of the leading providers in fabric management, we are on a constant course of innovation and growth.

MEWA provides opportunities

We give everyone the opportunity to actively contribute to our company’s joint business success through their performance. We focus on people in our thoughts and actions – the only right way to achieve lasting good relationships with our customers, business partners and employees.

MEWA has won numerous awards

Our excellent reputation as a leading service provider and attractive employer is regularly confirmed to us externally, whether through awards, such as the “Brand of the Century” (“Marke des Jahrhunderts”), the “Sustainability Award” (“Nachhaltigkeitspreis”), awards for “Germany’s Best Jobs with a Future” (“Deutschlands beste Jobs mit Zukunft”) and “Leading Employers” or the nomination for the “HR Excellence Award”.

However, in our minds, the most important proof of our attractiveness as an employer, is the above-average length of service of our employees – this is an expression of the great commitment of our employees and strong identification with MEWA.

We welcome applications from all those interested, regardless of gender, origin, sexual orientation and religion. With regards to career matters, we may simply use male gender references to make a text more readable.

We place great importance on ensuring that you experience meaning, satisfaction and appreciation in your work. The basis for this is a corporate culture that has grown over 110 years and is consistently lived out.
Gabriele Gebauer and Rolf Beisse, owners of the MEWA group of companies

What we have to offer

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    Core values and leadership principles that are lived out

    Employees are the essence of MEWA.

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    Our diverse social commitment

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    We display greatness and provide plenty of fabric

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    MEWA is a leading supplier in an industry of the future

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