Employees are the essence of MEWA

Corporate culture

Our core values

Our success is based on far-sighted strategies, first-class products and a common understanding of cooperation within the company. Our corporate mission statement manifests itself in seven core values: personality, efficiency, qualification, quality, investment, environment and responsibility. These values give us the strength to move forward. They also define the MEWA brand..

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Our management principles

Like the economy as a whole, MEWA is constantly faced with new challenges. Our managers show their employees the way forward with open communication, motivating goals, individual promotion and appreciative treatment. Concrete agreements provide the orientation:

  • We challenge and promote employees according to their respective strengths.
  • We coach talented employees individually and show them perspectives.
  • We guide our employees to solve problems independently.

  • We create a culture where everyone can be proud of what they have achieved.
  • We follow high ethical and moral standards.
  • We pay attention to fair rules in dealing with each other.

  • We set attractive goals, and promote team spirit and optimism.
  • We create an environment in which routines are critically questioned.
  • We are committed to continuous improvement.