Society, ethics, environment

MEWA takes responsibility

MEWA acts sustainably

Think long-term, act deliberately: sustainability forms the basis of our corporate responsibility to society. This voluntary contribution always includes ecological, economic and social aspects. Even in the 1980s, the owners of the MEWA Group were intent on taking on this form of responsibility and to firmly anchor this type of social responsibility in the basic values of the enterprise.   

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MEWA shows commitment

We see ourselves as part of a community to which we are strongly committed – in the company as well as in social and cultural life. Each of our sites acts according to this principle in its region. This responsibility creates a strong bond – with employees and their families, neighbours, clubs, childcare and educational institutions. One example is the cooperation between MEWA Switzerland and the Borna work and residential community in Rothrist, which has been in place since 2010. Thanks to the facility, people with disabilities are given the opportunity to live in a supervised environment and pursue a professional activity geared to their specific needs. An external team from the community is working hard to support MEWA’s logistical processes at the Swiss site in Wynau. The integration of people with disabilities into everyday work processes is an important part of our work on inclusiveness. 

MEWA stands for diversity

We do not view employees as mere resources but as people with a variety of abilities, goals and needs. We are multicultural and diverse – our staff comes from a wide range of backgrounds, with over 30 nationalities. Our employees’ diversity is treated with respect and openness. We see the diversity of their personal backgrounds, ways of life and horizons of experience as a great asset to our corporate culture.

MEWA calls for integrity and humanity

We set this standard as a voluntary commitment not only to ourselves but also to our suppliers and business partners. It is manifested in our Code of Conduct, which must be signed and which provides important guidance for action within the framework of corporate responsibility. It defines which legal, ecological, social and ethical minimum standards are to be met or exceeded.

MEWA Supports UN conventions

The UN is the world’s largest initiative of socially committed institutions. Together with more than 13,000 other participants from 170 countries, MEWA has undertaken to comply with the ten principles of the “Global Compact of the United Nations” (“UN Global Compact”) on human rights, labour standards, environmental protection and anti-corruption measures.

Against the background of climate change and the Coronavirus pandemic, the aspects of environmental protection, safety and hygiene, in particular, are increasingly important in this context. They are by no means new to MEWA, as they have been central elements of our business model since the company was founded in 1908.

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