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Silvia Mertens and Harald Burghammer

“Every day at MEWA has a new challenge in store”

An interview with Silvia Mertens and Harald Burghammer

  • Providing opportunities for newcomers

    We help and support people who are looking to develop in a different direction.

  • Diverse teams

    Experienced workers, young talents, a variety of cultures – we embody diversity.

  • People matter

    We invest in further training and support schemes, as it’s people that are at the heart of everything we do.

Employees who have shown their passion for the company for a number of years: Silvia Mertens and Harald Burghammer explain why they still come to work with as much excitement as ever before.

“I planned to stay at MEWA for two to three years – and that turned into 29 years,” says Silvia Mertens and laughs. “Because there have always been new challenges which I had to contend with.” Her career began in the early 90s with the establishment of the product development team. “I set foot in an empty office, two tables, empty cabinets and one phone. And I turned this into an entire department. MEWA gave me the opportunity – and I took it.” Silvia Mertens started in a new position six years ago. “I wanted a change and MEWA offered me the role of ‘Sales Product Manager’.”

Joining MEWA as a newcomer

Harald Burghammer was also looking to change his career before coming to MEWA 17 years ago. After many years in the engineering sector and as manager of a specialist welding company, he was keen to go in a new direction. “I was looking for an interesting and well-established employer where I would be able to apply the skills I had learnt while also doing something completely new. MEWA made all of this possible.” Harald Burghammer started as a customer advisor for the external sales force and then later trained to become a personal trainer and specialist advisor for occupational health and safety. “I have a number of interesting and highly varied responsibilities. I truly look forward to going to work every day. That’s not something that everyone can say.”

What is so special about MEWA?

“You can sense that MEWA is a family-led company. The cooperation between employees is outstanding, we have excellent teams here,” explains Harald Burghammer . “I would recommend MEWA, as it’s rare to find a company with so many different dimensions and where you are offered so many opportunities.”

“MEWA gives its employees the opportunity to work independently and to constantly further themselves,” adds Silvia Mertens . “And ultimately, it’s people that are at the heart of everything we do.”