People. Values. MEWA.

Your future at MEWA

Why it is worth starting your career with us

Our successful action strategy as a company and employer is quite simple: we do not follow trends, we set them! We do not focus on quarterly reports but rather ensure that our business development goals are long-term and sustainable. This is how we reach our goal of steady growth based on our own efforts – the best way to safeguard the future for MEWA and our employees. Whether you are looking for a secure job, further training or employee benefits, we want you to enjoy working here.

With the high quality of our products and services, we have earned an excellent reputation in the marketplace. Our goal is to be the best employer too. We want you to like your job and consider MEWA as a company that suits your career needs.

Because we know: MEWA is shaped by its employees – by their experiences, their decisions and their working together.

We offer job security and prospects

We are aware of the successful development of MEWA since the company was founded in 1908 – but this is not enough. We see it as a call for action, a reason to implement our various plans with comprehensive expertise, healthy self-confidence, lots of curiosity, but also with care and a sense of proportion. 

We will make sure that you are always well qualified

As soon as you join, you will have access to our internal training system. Here you will find a comprehensive range of compulsory training courses and offers for voluntary seminars. The spectrum ranges from topics relating to textiles, sales and other specialist areas, to aspects such as fire protection or safety at work and time management.

In annual staff reviews, both job-related qualification requirements and individual training opportunities will be discussed. If required training courses cannot be provided internally, external training opportunities can, of course, be pursued in consultation with supervisors.

Verena Götz-Lombardo and Giuseppe Lombardo

We provide many opportunities to those interested, both nationally and internationally

We rely on your willingness to contribute to the continuous success story of MEWA with great commitment, entrepreneurial thinking, a pronounced customer focus and a high degree of courage and confidence. We support this with three different career paths: the professional/expert career path, the leadership career path and the project career path. With this approach, we offer high-performing and high-potential employees the opportunity to plan their career at MEWA in a structured manner.

If you are even considering an internationally oriented job, there are also good opportunities at MEWA’s different European locations. If you are well versed in other languages aside from German, we will work with you to find opportunities for you to use these languages in projects or for expanding our business abroad.

Everything is centred around the employee

Employees are the essence of MEWA. This awareness is firmly anchored in the DNA of our company.

MEWA is committed to ensuring that you, regardless of where and how you do your job, experience meaning, satisfaction and appreciation in your work. We do not view employees as resources, but as people with individual abilities, goals and needs. We feel strongly about a healthy work-life balance. Whenever operational requirements allow for such, we will provide the prerequisites for this balance, through flexible working hours and home office options among other things.

Each individual contributes to our corporate success with his qualifications and passion, his skills and team spirit. In doing so, we offer everyone, be it specialists, those beginning or changing their careers, the opportunity to make the best of themselves. We value the commitment of our employees in many ways. These include, for example, the payment of holiday and Christmas bonuses, capital-forming benefit supplements and a wide range of employee benefits.

We live by our values

Our corporate canon of values forms the foundation of our work culture: Personality, efficiency, environment, quality, qualification, sense of responsibility and investment. What differentiates us from the others? We actively and consistently live by our values. Only when employers and employees share the same values, can trust and loyalty be established.

Our understanding of culture also includes being open as a company. In the broad spectrum of personal lifestyles and the ranges of experience among our employees, we see great enrichment opportunities for working cooperation. This diversity is treated with respect and openness.
Basic values

We have received many awards

Our excellent reputation as a leading service provider and employer is regularly confirmed to us externally, whether through awards, such as the “Brand of the Century” (“Marke des Jahrhunderts”), the “Sustainability Award” (“Nachhaltigkeitspreis”), awards for “Germany’s Best Jobs with a Future” (“Deutschlands beste Jobs mit Zukunft”) and “Leading Employers Europe” or the nomination for the “HR Excellence Award”.

However, in our minds, the most important proof of our attractiveness as an employer, is the above-average length of service of our employees – this is an expression of the great commitment of our employees and strong identification with MEWA.

Distinctions and awards

We make it easy to kick-start your career with us

You may be nervous and somewhat tense, so many unknown faces, trying to get your bearings and you may have so many questions. We will do everything possible to make starting at MEWA as pleasant as possible. We will accompany you from the signing of the contract through to the arrival at your workplace and the first steps in our company.

On your first day you will be welcomed by us, presented to the team and introduced to your workplace. As part of a clearly structured induction, you will receive all the information and guidance you will need to kick-start your job.

Depending on position and location, further steps may be taken to welcome you such as company tours, getting to know all relevant organisational and personal interfaces as well as instructions on technical infrastructure.