Employees are the essence of MEWA

Get to know some of our employees. In some short articles, they share experiences that demonstrate their strong bond with MEWA. They make it clear why they feel comfortable in our company. The stories about their very personal MEWA moments are diverse, authentic and human – attributes that also shape our profile as an employer.

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Andreas-Daniel Bernacisko: from butcher to service driver

Andreas-Daniel Bernacisko, service driver

My MEWA moment

There’s no one moment for me because every day has something to offer here.
The mutual support within the circle of colleagues is particularly noteworthy. All in all, the high degree of reliability is what distinguishes MEWA and the people in this company. It always makes you feel good.
Andreas-Daniel Bernacisko, Service Driver – with MEWA since 2017

Impressed by the products and processes in the butcher’s shop of his home town, Andreas-Daniel Bernacisko initially wanted to become a butcher. However, he already started having doubts when he was a journeyman. The work was more monotonous than he’d expected. He couldn’t imagine working in this profession until retirement. Then he remembered his enthusiasm for vehicles of all kinds and his childhood experiences on a farmer’s tractor.

Balancing Job and Family

Today he works as a service driver for MEWA. As such, he acts not only as a supplier but also as a representative of the company when face-to-face with customers. Before the change, it was clear to him that he didn’t want a classic trucking job but a job that was fun and at the same time allowed for a satisfying private life. His trips can be managed from the Hamelin site with a maximum of two nights away from home per week. And he spends these nights not in the driver’s cab but in a hotel.

High confidence in career changers

There is one thing Andreas-Daniel-Bernacisko particularly appreciates: “MEWA also gives career changers the chance to train in a new profession. I was given responsibility right from the start and I was trusted to be able to deal with customers in a confident and service-oriented manner. My current job offers me more dynamism, more variety and more customer contact. That’s exactly what I wanted.”

Gerrit Ruhe: an unsolicited application, targeted development

Gerrit Ruhe, District Manager in Field Service

My MEWA moment

This was the big kick-off event for me in 2019, in addition to being promoted to District Field Sales Manager, where I was given an award for achieving sales goals. Special moments for me are also when I can pass on my experience and knowledge to today’s juniors as a mentor.
Gerrit Ruhe, District Manager in Field Service – with MEWA since 2015

Working as a steel and concrete builder was exhausting, monotonous and rather unsuitable for a communicative person like Gerrit Ruhe. A friend gave him the impetus to follow a new path and Gerrit Ruhe started working for a mobile phone provider and discovered his sales talent. Thanks to his empathy and eloquence, he quickly learned to adapt to the different characters and mentalities of the customers. Increasing sales success encouraged him to develop his career.

A Career in an exciting working environment

His goal was to work for a strong and dynamic B2B sales force. Gerrit Ruhe was impressed by MEWA: “I saw my ideas being fulfilled there. The new product world also appealed to me. That’s why I submitted an unsolicited application in 2015.” After being accepted, he completed a seven-month junior sales programme at the Bottrop site. Today, as a district manager in the field, he is responsible for direct sales in the industry and trade sector in his business area.

Support, stability and security

He sums up his five years at MEWA as follows. The job at MEWA is just the way he likes it. “This is where you can contribute and build on your individual strengths. If you show commitment, you get the best possible support.” MEWA is also characterised by a culture in which people don’t feel like a cog in a wheel, despite the size of the company. Added to this would be the stability and reliability of MEWA as a company. This is an important aspect in terms of job security.

Franziska Fischer: the top league in work training and sport

Franziska Fischer, trainee

My MEWA moment

During the interview I told them that I’m a professional handball player and that I’d like to continue my sporting career parallel to my training. It was a great relief to me that MEWA was so open-minded in this regard. And indeed, I experience a high level of trust, openness and support here.
Franziska Fischer, trainee – with MEWA since 2019

Since early teens, Franziska Fischer’s free time has been dominated by her passion for handball. In her home town of Buxtehude, she played in the third league. Looking at her career path, it was clear to her very early on that she wanted to remain faithful to the sport in the future but for women in her sport, it’s not a realistic way to earn a living. In addition, she needed a professional perspective for when her sporting career was over. Her affinity for numbers made a business education an obvious choice.

A good feeling right from the start

During her research she came across MEWA. She applied at the Wiesbaden headquarters and was given the chance to introduce herself. “The interviewers were very sympathetic to me,” Franziska Fischer recalls. “I had a good feeling right away. Shortly after, I was offered a training position.” A contract with Mainz 05’s women’s handball team, which plays in the first division, followed just a little later. She had asked to try out for the club and immediately impressed them too.

Team spirit is a top priority

“The numerous positive impressions I had in the first few days have been confirmed over and over again since then,” she says. “You get a warm welcome in all departments. There’s a family atmosphere here with great team spirit. Older employees are happy to be able to teach the younger ones something.” Franziska Fischer very much appreciates the understanding that her colleagues show towards her sporting commitment. “It’s a good way for me to balance both careers.”

Günes Yenen: an international career – not just business as usual

Günes Yenen, Country Manager

My MEWA Moment

I already had that in my job interviews. I felt that my international ambitions were taken seriously right from the start. I was shown clear paths and perspectives, which then became reality. No matter where you operate, you can sense everywhere that the basic values that make MEWA so successful are actively lived out.
Günes Yenen, Country Manager – with MEWA since 2013

One in four of MEWA’s 5,700 employees now works abroad. One of them is Günes Yenen. As Country Manager in Birmingham, he is building up the Customer Service & Distribution division and also supports his sales colleagues. Together they are working to build the business in central England. Analyses had identified the greatest customer potential for this region. The excellent transport connections spoke in favour of the Birmingham location.

Valuable experience abroad

Günes Yenen gladly accepted the new challenge. He speaks six languages and has completed international studies with a focus on business culture, economics and politics. He made his entry into the corporate world in Italy. “After a subsequent assignment at the Rodgau site, I received an offer in 2017 to be part of the market development activity in England. I didn’t have to think very long about it. I didn’t want to miss out on this experience abroad,” he says, explaining his decision.

Expansion of European business

MEWA has been offering its reusable industrial wipe service in England since the beginning of 2018. Business has started well, Günes Yenen is pleased to report. Ultimately, however, the company is still in the start-up phase and the full compliment of staff is not yet complete. There’s a lot to do – also in view of Brexit and its consequences. So it’s good that he feels comfortable in the company. “MEWA has managed to grow throughout Europe while retaining its family structures. That’s why this is ’the place to be!’ for me.”

Heike and Konstantin Schröder: recommended by satisfied employees

Heike and Konstantin Schröder, Quality Inspector and Trainee

Our MEWA moment

Whenever I see my son Konstantin in the company, which isn’t often, because we work in different buildings. I owe it to him that I’ve found an employer where I feel I’m in good hands. And so we’re both further proof that MEWA is a genuine family business.
Heike Schröder, Quality Inspector – with MEWA since 2019

Since the beginning of his training as a warehouse logistics specialist, Konstantin Schröder frequently recounted his experiences in the company to his mother with great enthusiasm. “I felt at home right away at MEWA. Everyone’s incredibly nice and helpful. And you can take on responsibility very quickly as an apprentice”. At that time, Heike Schröder was laid off by her employer, an automotive supplier.

Motivated by her son’s experiences

She had seen it coming and set her sights on a career change early on. Then, MEWA advertised new positions for the plant expansion in Weil im Schönbuch. “Konstantin drew my attention to it and encouraged me to apply. In view of his positive experience, I didn’t hesitate for a moment,” she describes the providential timing. “Just a short time later, I was offered an employment contract. Of course, I couldn’t pass up that opportunity.”

Challenged, promoted and highly satisfied

In the sewing room, she carries out quality checks on the customer’s fabrics after they arrive. “It can get a little more stressful at times but I really enjoy the work. You’re challenged and encouraged,” says Heike Schröder, summing up her time at MEWA so far. In the meantime, her enthusiasm also led to one of her acquaintances joining the company. “We’re able to recommend our employer with good conscience,” both mother and son state unanimously.

Steffen Geier: on the comeback and on the course for digitalisation

Steffen Geier, Head of Lead & Customer Communication

My MEWA moment

For me, that was getting to know my wife during our training. She was in the year behind me but we often bumped into each other. This eventually led to a common path through life. So at MEWA I found my professional and my personal happiness.
Steffen Geier, Head of Lead & Customer Communication – with MEWA since 2003

You don’t appreciate some things until you no longer have them. Steffen Geier completed an apprenticeship and a dual course of study at MEWA and then worked in the marketing department for several years. After a year and a half away, he returned to his former employer in 2015. “I quickly realised that I’ve got more creative freedom here in many ways,” he says, explaining his motivations. “What’s more, the highly professional structures and processes at MEWA allow good ideas to be purposefully thought through and implemented.”

Back to the familiar vocational home

He had always maintained contact with MEWA. That’s why he wasn’t worried that his colleagues might have reservations about him as a returnee to the company. Everything was very familiar to him: the people, the building, the working atmosphere – everything that makes you feel at home in a place. “I knew right away that the decision to rejoin MEWA was the right one. That hasn’t changed one bit to this very day.”

Technological progress as motivation

As Head of Lead & Customer Communication, Steffen Geier is also responsible for digital marketing. This field holds enormous potential both for the company and for him personally. “That’s what attracted me to the new job from the start. I can make my contribution to ensuring that the digital transformation at MEWA progresses well. Fortunately, MEWA is a company that demonstrates a high capacity for innovation and is thus prepared to invest appropriately in this area."

Lawrence Liebig: great opportunities for a new beginning

Lawrence Liebig, Warehouse Logistics Specialist

My MEWA moment

I was an aspiring occupational therapist but dissatisfied and determined to correct my professional course. I wanted a job that would challenge me more physically. When I was accepted for the apprenticeship, I was happy and grateful. Although I wasn’t fresh out of school, MEWA gave me the opportunity to take up my dream job.
Lawrence Liebig, Warehouse Logistics Specialist – with MEWA since 2016

Sabine Veith: here is where competence and personality count

Sabine Veith, Shift Manager

My MEWA moment

After living and working in North America for a long time, I decided to return to my native Baden. I found my new professional home at MEWA in Meissenheim. It was there where I was able to apply my skills to more challenging tasks. They had enough belief that I could do it. That appreciation meant a lot to me.
Sabine Veith, Shift Manager in the Workwear Plant – with MEWA since 2007

Petra Pekny: a company as diverse as life itself

Petra Pekny, Team Leader Sales

My MEWA moment

I had quit MEWA to travel the world with my husband. After four years we were back in Prague. My former boss offered me a team leadership position. I said yes at once. My experience abroad had shown me how broad the spectrum of roots and paths of life can be. MEWA stands for this culture of diversity. This was important to me.
Petra Pekny, Team Leader Sales – with MEWA since 2007