MEWA basic values

The requirement we impose on ourselves

Only those who are aware of their responsibility can act responsible

  • Our culture

    Mutual trust, respect and a close, harmonious cooperation shape the culture of our company.

  • Our style

    Personal commitment and modern management characterise the style of our managers.

  • Our hallmark

    Personal service for our customers – indeed, no matter where.

As a family company values were and are the guideline for our entrepreneurial conduct.  

"Values are those ideas, which in a society are generally recognized as desirable and that give people orientation', this is the common definition you frequently read. But why does a company need values? Frequently the assumption is made that values for businesses are only a nice ornament that is polished in celebratory speeches. At MEWA we have a totally different perspective: Our values are not for decoration, we live them. They are our orientation. They give us the strength to move forward and to grow. They motivate us to implement ideas in action. They define the MEWA brand. 

In more than 100 years of company history we have defined this awareness in seven basic values.


Mutual trust and a close, harmonious cooperation between colleagues and employees, partners and customers shape the culture of the company MEWA It is tradition: Leadership of the enterprise has been in family hands for three generations. Personal commitment, responsible action and modern management characterise the style of our managers; personal service is the hallmark of each individual employee.


We did not achieve many years of success and constant growth with a good idea alone. Solidarity and an entrepreneurial spirit were just as important in this regard. Today the right balance of progress and profitability also ensures the healthy basis for a successful future.


Each employee contributes to the success of the enterprise with knowledge, commitment and team spirit. We create the right conditions, by encouraging and developing our workforce – as people who are prepared to participate in shaping our enterprise.


We impose the most rigorous demands on ourselves, on our products, on our services. Consequently, continuous optimization of our service is a matter of course. In this regard, there is only one standard for our success: the satisfaction of our customers.


To pursue new paths, find innovative solutions, long-term thinking: This is how we shape our business. This is why we invest in intensive research and development of new process technologies, future-oriented products and outstanding services.


We consider preservation of the environment and conservation of resources as essential company principles. This is why, particularly in this area, we are always up to date, and why for the most part we are also a step ahead of the other competitors: In the industry we are exemplary in the use of state-of-the-art environmental technologies.


We see ourselves as part of a community, for which we bear responsibility. Therefore we are committed with a variety of social and cultural investments. Each of our locations acts in accordance with this principle - in its region and with the people who live there.