MEWA facts & figures

In Europe – way out in front

Results with vision – MEWA facts & figures

  • 45 locations in 14 countries

  • 5,600 employees & 188,000 customers

  • 1.1 million people wear MEWA work clothing

As Europe's leading company in the area of textile management, naturally it is important for us to consistently strengthen and expand this position. Consequently, we place great value on determining the impact our business activity has on people, society and the environment and to carefully consider this impact in every decision.

With our products and services we offer individual solutions and a comprehensive full service – and we do it in a sustainable manner. To this end we are working all out on new technological challenges. At the same time, with this approach we are also providing answers to future issues. For example, through environmentally-friendly production processes we make an important contribution to preservation of the environment through resource conservation and waste minimisation.

A few figures that speak for themselves:

  • With 44 locations in 13 countries MEWA is Europe's leading textile management provider
  • Our nearly 5,200 employees support more than 184,000 companies in Germany, Austria, Spain, Portugal, Belgium, Italy, France, Switzerland, Czech Republic, Slovakia, Poland, Hungary and the Netherlands.
  • More than 1.1 million workers in industry, retail, the sectors, industry, commerce and public institutions wear work clothing, protective clothing or business clothing from MEWA.
  • Throughout Europe we wash approximately 335 tonnes of textiles every day. By way of comparison: A family of four washes approx. one ton of laundry per year.
  • In our new weaving mill we weave 5 new wipers a second. This adds up to 108 million wipers a year.
  • Every day 2.6 million people use our MEWA wipers in their work.
  • In our online shop and catalogue we offer over 11,200 different items for occupational health & safety and technical supplies.
  • We currently dispatch up to 3,600 orders daily – in Germany within 24 hours after receipt of purchase order, throughout Europe within 48 hours.