MEWA innovation

Development at the forefront

At the cutting edge of quality – MEWA innovation

Being innovative means always being prepared to develop things further in order to remain successful in the future. MEWA is company that does precisely that – with passion and high performance. To achieve this, we build up our strength and work hard. Our vision to be the best textile management company in Europe is reflected in all of our locations.

Good, constantly fresh ideas are part of our company history and corporate philosophy. we are continuously optimising our products and services on the one hand, in order to meet the demands and expectations of our customers. On the other, we are constantly developing new and forward-looking processing techniques with environmental protection at the forefront.

Our ideas

At the turn of the 19th century machines in the factories were still being cleaned with old cleaning rags or cotton waste. After use the oozing rags were simply tossed in the boilers. A solution that was not only totally inappropriate for industrial purposes, but also much too expensive. In 1908 Hermann Gebauer had the simple but ingenious idea of offering wipers in the full service arrangement. A practical and cost-effective solution that also contributed significantly to conservation of the environment.

From this idea initially a small company with 20 employees developed. Today, over 100 years later, a complex textile management for industry and business enterprises has developed from this idea.

Our process technologies

We are known for continuously driving further development and progress forward with new processing technologies.

By 1975 the first wastewater treatment plant designed by the company was installed. Shortly thereafter the first waste oil incinerators were also installed at Stuttgart and Manching.

In the 1980s MEWA introduces the first biological wastewater cleaning and the first flue gas scrubber.

Then in 1995, MEWA prepared for the future Euronorm with the first in-house exhaust air treatment plant – wholly in the spirit of environmental protection. In September 1997, as the first company in the industry, MEWA receives the internationally valid ISO 14001 Environmental Certificate.

Our standards

An example from the year 2000 shows how a universal quality standard was derived from a MEWA observation:
In spite of strict hygiene requirements in the food industry it was customary that the employees would wash their work clothing at home. The result: The clothing was not always hygienically faultless.

With this awareness, MEWA, together with Prof. Dr. Johannes Krämer from the Institute for Microbiology of the University of Bonn, crucially shaped the "Risk Analysis and Biocontamination Control" system (RABC) for textile service operations, and as the first company in the clothing industry, initiates checks for possible microbiological contamination after each processing step. Among other things the tests take into account so-called cross-contamination, for example, to prevent edible mould from cheese production from getting into breweries or bakeries via clothing.

Once again MEWA sets standards. The quality standards made by MEWA are the basis for the new European hygiene standard EN 14065.