Environmental responsibility

Our sustainable contribution for a better quality of life

Environmental responsibility at MEWA

Environmental protection and conservation of resources have enjoyed a high priority at MEWA for more than 30 years. Our objective in the area of environmental protection is to be better than legislation requires. This applies for the production plants, as well as for the products and services themselves. One of our most important tasks is the continuous further development of environmental technology. For good reason, as early as 1997 we were the first company in our industry to be awarded the International Environmental Certificate in accordance with ISO 14001.

Our service is practiced environmental protection. Thanks to the reusable principle of MEWA textile management we avoid a lot of waste and conserve valuable resources. In the transport and storage of our products we also rely on textile laundry bags and durable containers.

Moreover, we also guarantee a responsible relationship with nature through environmentally friendly production processes, heat recovery, thermal utilisation of residual materials, wastewater treatment, raw material recycling and not least through sparing use of fresh water. Thus in the area of environmental protection we are always one step ahead and make an important contribution to preservation of the environment through resource conservation and waste minimisation.