Meeting the challenges of industrial cleaning

Cleaning in the industrial sector should only be a minor feature of the daily work routine. However, firms are too often spending far more time than should be expected because of poor quality kit and the complexities of disposing of waste under strict regulations governing the handling of hazardous materials.

Birmingham, January 2019: Cleaning in industrial settings requires far more than simply keeping a facility immaculate. The associated hazardous waste means plant managers must also ensure all legal requirements are met, the environment is protected and, most importantly, that workers are safe at all times. Key to achieving this are clear processes and confidence among the workforce in the equipment they rely on.

Although the increasingly economical use of oils and lubricants is a positive move in times of waste prevention and sustainability, and that automatic cleaning systems are growing in popularity, the manual removal of dirt remains standard. As a result, selecting the most appropriate cleaning equipment for this typically labour intensive task means it can be completed efficiently and without risk.

Conventional disposable paper towels and rags frequently offer an inferior solution and one that can be environmentally harmful. These unsophisticated products have now been superseded by reusable industrial cleaning wipers and, when only the best will do, those from three-time Brands of the Century award winners, MEWA, mean unparalleled performance is guaranteed.

MEWA delivers not only outstanding quality rental wipers but also exceptional reliability in col-lecting, washing, maintaining and returning them back to its customers. The full service option is economical, environmentally responsible and allows the workforce to concentrate on their core function.

Businesses partnering with the fully managed textile service provider can:

- Be confident that legal requirements are complied with.

- Forget about the responsibility of handling hazardous materials.

- Save up to 30% on staff costs.

- Always have an adequate supply of ultra reliable and effective cleaning wipers at hand.

- Leave the logistics of wiper collection, washing, processing and delivery to MEWA.

The MEWA system has also been developed to help firms across industry maintain a consistently safe, orderly and organised workspace. Equipment, such as the SaCon lockable safety container for wiper storage, allows used textiles to be neatly and safely stowed and transported – no more overflowing bags of dirty rags lying around the site. Meanwhile, quality control, stock management, care and maintenance are no longer a worry because MEWA automatically replaces worn out wipers with new ones. Disposal costs are taken care of, as is safeguarding the planet.

“Our reusable cleaning wipers are suitable for nearly all fields of application,” explains Günes Yenen, MEWA Country Manager UK. In addition, our highly absorbent and durable cleaning wipers range from ultra robust textiles for removing rough dirt to those for sensitive surfaces and delicate cleaning tasks. There is a high performance solution for every firm.”

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