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We Act Responsibly!

MEWA act responsibly

MEWA receives another accolade and has been awarded second place for the German companies that act responsibility both socially and environmentally.

Which corporate management acts responsibly towards the environment, society, employees and customers? Over 250,000 executives were interviewed by the news channel WELT and the analysis institute ServiceValue. 2,576 companies from 230 industries were put to the test. Do companies adhere to ethical principles? Are the company’s efforts sincere and effective? The evaluation was carried out in five grades: from “Strongly applies (1)” to “Does not apply (5)”.

To make it into the overall ranking at least 75 rulings had to be adhered to.

The result: MEWA was rated by the managers as a company with "very high responsibility" (grade 2.52). Only one company was rated higher in the "hygiene service" branch.

We are delighted to receive this award as it reiterates our principles and values that we uphold not simply in principle, but live in everyday life:

• Responsibility for the environment

• Responsibility for our employees

• Social responsibility

• Economic responsibility

• Quality Management

Mrs. Shiann Watts

Challenge House

Milton Keynes