MEWA customer report

The MEWATEX® wiper– an important companion for Druckerei agensketterl for more than 30 years

For cleanliness, Druckerei agensketterl relies on wipers from MEWA

  • 30-year customer relationship

    "We have continued the outstanding collaboration with MEWA."

  • Service-oriented customer service

    Smooth interaction with MEVA customer support

  • Responsibility for the environment

    MEWA wipers are washed in an environmentally-friendly manner and can be reused

  • High quality, absorbent quality

    "Our employees appreciate the MEWATEX® wipers and prefer them over alternative paper cleaning cloths 100%".

Information about the company:

At its site in Mauerbach, Druckerei agensketterl has one of the most modern pressrooms in Austria. Approximately 85 competent employees take care of well-known customer from advertising, industry, retail and culture. In the firm's own bookbindery, numerous print finishing tasks can also be executed. The company's own publishing house offers books of fairy tales, cookbooks, as well as school tests, among other things. Numerous awards, such the 2010 Golden Pixel Award, the 2008 Hubertus Environmental Prize, and the 2006 Impactissimo for the highest-impact poster, bear witness of successful print productions.

It starts and ends with environmental protection

Optimal print quality and service-oriented customer-care are the top priorities for agensketterl. However, dealing responsibly with the environment is also an important topic. In addition to PEFC and FSC certification, the firm was also awarded the UZ24 Austrian eco-label that attests that paper from sustainably managed forests is processed. No wonder the established print shop appreciates wipers from MEWA that are washed in an environmentally sound manner and then reused.

Long-standing MEWA wiper customer

At agensketterl, for more than 30 years MEWA wipers that are especially adapted to the requirements of print shops have been used to maintain the machines. "When agensketterl took over this location in 2005, the wipers from MEWA were already in use. "We have continued the outstanding collaboration with MEWA", explains Herbert Hajek, department manager – print at agensketterl Druckerei. "Our employees appreciate the MEWATEX® wipers and prefer them over alternative paper cleaning cloths 100%".

Good collaboration with the customer service organisation

In a defined rhythm the wipers from MEWA are picked to be washed and fresh wipers are delivered. More than 1,000 MEWATEX wipers are used during the six-day work week. "In addition to the first-class absorbent quality, MEWA also continues to impress us on regular basis with the good customer service. In a print shop, in particular things often must be done quickly, as part of the daily routine. The situation can occur that we cannot provide the wipers that have been prepared to be picked up at the agreed time. Even in this situation MEWA is very cooperative and the interaction of our people with the MEWA team functions smoothly", Hajek is pleased to report.