MEWA customer report

At RUHFUS GmbH with MEWA things are running smoothly.

RUHFUS successfully declares war on oil residues – with oil collection mats and wipers from MEWA

  • Clean appearance

    "The orderliness problem was solved. With the wiper containers are facilities really look cleaned up."

  • MEWATEX for the coarse, PROTEX for the fine details

    "In some cases we need wipers that clean faultlessly, without residues, this is absolutely important for us."

  • Multitex – the oil sump in cloth format

    "When oil is dripping, then the collection mats are just right."

  • An ideal total package

    "The environmental concept was a convincing argument for us, the cloths have a super quality and the collaboration works perfectly."

Information about the company:

RUHFUS Systemhydraulik GmbH is a traditional company that specializes in customer-specific design and manufacturing of complex hydraulic cylinders. The company was founded in 1908 initially for the manufacturing of springs, this business activity ceased in 1994. Hydraulic cylinders have been manufactured up to a size of 16 meters since 1959. These cylinders are used in steel hydraulic engineering, reservoirs and in rock grinding mills. In the Neuss facility 108 people are employed, in a second plant in China 28 people are employed

A white building from the 1950s in the vicinity of Neuss Harbour, at first glance it looks somewhat small and unlikely: RUHFUS Systemhydraulik GmbH receives the visitor without putting itself forward. But the first impression is misleading, the doors open onto other buildings on the company premises at unexpectedly large manufacturing halls. There they are: the meter-long pipes, rods pistons, cylinders. They are up to 16 m in length and are among the largest and most robust of their type. When the gigantic hydraulic cylinders exit RUHFUS GmbH, they are on their way to the most demanding implementation sites: Mines, reservoirs, rock mills sluices, wind turbines.

Where do the many lubricants end up?

However, work on the cylinders is a greasy affair. Oils and cooling lubricants in large quantities are used for boring and milling, which then mix with the chips that also occur through milling. Where should all this oil and cooling lubricant go? "We used to have oily disposable wipers lying around everywhere here. This didn't look too good for a customer visit." In addition it did not correspond to the company philosophy; RUHFUS wants to protect the environment, reduce waste. Thus the telephone call from MEWA came at just the right time.

"The idea of reusable wipers convinced us."

With the decision for MEWA wipers the orderliness problem was also solved: With the wiper containers our facilities really look cleaned up." It was a completely different picture than these mountains of disposable wipers that we had before." RUFUS employees wipe away the oil with MEWATEX – the robust all-purpose cloth. In some cases the practical lint-free MEWA PROTEX is also used. "We have large hydraulic cylinders that are controlled through valves, where there really must be no contamination. Consequently we need wipers that clean faultlessly, without residues, this is absolutely important for us."

After RUHFUS was convinced of the advantages of the MEWA wipers, the Multitex collection mats also came into the picture. "When oil drips – and we certainly have enough of it here – then the Multitex mats are just right."