Wiping & storing
Collecting & picking-up
Washing & drying
Checking & replacing


Our service driver delivers clean MEWA wipers to you in the delivery rhythm agreed with you.

Wiping & storing

After use the MEWAtex wipers are properly stored in the MEWA Safety Containers. These ensure safe storage and safe transport.

Collecting & picking-up

On the agreed scheduled dates our service drivers replace contaminated MEWA wipers with fresh MEWA wipers.

Washing & drying

Our MEWA wipers can be washed and reused up to 50 times. And it is particularly resource-friendly and environmentally friendly.

Checking & replacing

Damaged MEWAtex wipers are automatically outsorted and replaced: Thus you have fresh MEWA wipers on hand at all times.

The best for your machines and equipment – our system for MEWAtex wipers

  • Cost-effective

    By renting MEWA wipers, you save the expenses for conventional disposable materials and profit from fixed and predictable rates.

  • Practical

    They reduce organisation and administration expenses, as well as stock keeping and logistics problems.

  • Deluxe waste minimisation

    Our MEWA wipers can be washed and reused up to 50 times.

  • The best wiper in the world

    So strong and so good that in 2015, for the second time MEWA was recognised as the world market leader for reusable wipers.

The intelligent MEWAtex wiper system is a benefit for your company in every aspect. It offers you everything that you should expect from a world market leader in this area. You save the costs of disposable material and have no expense whatsoever for acquisition, stock keeping and logistics. We bring the MEWA wipers to you, pick them up, wash them and replace them – in the rhythm that we have agreed with you. Punctual and reliable.

Behind every MEWA wiper there is an intelligent and clearly thought-out concept that offloads you. Depending on the requirement and intended use, in the practical rental arrangement we provide MEWA wipers to you in precisely the quantity and fabric quality that your enterprise needs for professional cleaning of machines and equipment – from robust to fine.


First test, then rent – MEWA wiper service test

We not only have the best wiper in the world, we also have the best service. You don't believe us? Then try out our reusable wipers in our wiper service test.  We offer you the possibility of trying out our service for up to 2 months.